Insulated Staples

W. W. Cross is pleased to announce significant expansions to our highly acclaimed collection of insulated staples. We are continually delivering new styles specifically designed to reduce the potential of arc faults and protect delicate fiber optic and data cables in structured wiring applications. Our new insulated staples feature uniquely engineered advantages that can help professionals avoid problems commonly caused by over-driving staples – the leading cause of arc faults. And they are sized right to prevent cutting into electrical insulation – a problem caused by using staples that are too small.

Among our newest innovations are our "Fat Man" insulated staples, developed for applications that require larger sizes of insulated staples for a wider range of cable sizes. Fat Man staples also help reduce the risk of arc faults. Our IN 3000 staples, long preferred throughout the industry, have been improved with larger diameter wire and flat legs that drive easier and hold tighter. Plus, IN 3000 staples now have new high visibility red insulators.